EP Minerals

EP Minerals 8440 Premium Granular Absorbent, 40 lb Poly Bag, Solid, Odorless

  • Color: Gray/Tan
  • Compositions: Montmorillonite Clay, Calcined
  • Container Type: Poly Bag
  • Form: Solid
  • Net Content: 40 lb
  • Model #: 8440
  • UPC #: 091913084409
  • SKU: 1076607



Product Details

Ep Minerals mines and produces the two most commonly used granular absorbents for the automotive industry, Diatomaceous earth (DE) and montmorillonite clay. Today, Ep Minerals' brands are highly recognized throughout the automotive industry and are distributed by many of the major automotive aftermarket retailers and distributors. The industry has trusted the performance, quality and service of Ep Minerals' products for more than 30 years. Thrifty-Sorb® (clay) product is used in high traffic areas requiring continuous, superior absorption and additional safety features, these larger coarse granulars offer less breakdown and better traction in areas where spills have been absorbed. This product is kiln-fired (calcined) to eliminate potential product breakdown and provides versatile use for all non-aggressive fluids in the automotive industry.

Item Specifications

Color Gray/Tan
Compositions Montmorillonite Clay, Calcined
Container Type Poly Bag
Form Solid
Net Content 40 lb
Odor/Scent Odorless