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HIC 6447PC Grapefruit Spoon Set, 6 in OAL, Stainless Steel

  • Model #: 6447PC
  • UPC #: 781723064479
  • SKU: 1199430



Product Details

HIC s serrated grapefruit spoons make eating grapefruit easier. Whether it s white grapefruit, pink grapefruit or ruby red grapefruit, these stainless steel spoons are specially designed to dig into grapefruit and retrieve every juicy bite. Easy to use. Simply slice grapefruits in half, between the ends and, using the pointed tip, dig into the grapefruit sections to separate them from the rind. Then, with a swipe of the serrated edges, free the flesh from the membrane to scoop up each bite with little effort or mess. Ideal for oranges, kiwi, melon and other firm fruits, all types of dessert, like ice cream, custard, pudding and dense foods, like crusts and doughs. These are useful additions to cutlery for quick snacks or making grapefruit recipes. Enjoy a grapefruit smoothie or grapefruit margarita in seconds and effortlessly prep ingredients for a grapefruit cake. A tradition since 1965, HIC flatware is made in Japan from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. Spoo