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Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Investing in your outdoor living space creates an extension of your home beyond the patio doors. Try adding relaxing furniture, covered spaces for protection from the sun and even fire pits, water features or vibrant decor. Creating this special outdoor space is easier than you may think. Elliott's is here to help with some tips on creating your own Outdoor Oasis!

All-Season Enjoyment

If you're planning on enjoying your meals outdoors, add an outdoor dining table with flexible seating to accommodate the size of your patio and the number of guests you expect. If you plan to use the space on a more casual level, you can decorate with deep-seated furniture and possibly add a fire pit for some marshmallow roasting in cooler weather.

Outdoor Colorscape

The colors you choose for your outdoor living area should not only complement the immediate area but also correspond with the style and color of your home. For example, you may want to coordinate your toss pillows with the shade of the exterior of your home or the color of your shutters. You can add some personality by selecting cushions in rich and vibrant colors to make a bold statement and create excitement, or you can incorporate soft and cool shades to produce a relaxing, laid-back vibe. Also, incorporating a lively outdoor rug will help break up dining and relaxing areas.


Perfect Plantings

No outdoor living space would be complete without the added beauty of Mother Nature’s touch. When choosing flowers and plants, you should select blooms that coordinate and complement the rest of the elements in and around your space. If you really want to make your flowers pop, set them next to items from the opposite end of the color wheel. The two colors will highlight one another, and make a bold statement. Here are some tips on creating the perfect garden.

Lighten the Mood

To enjoy your backyard getaway after the sun sets, you'll want to include some outdoor lighting. For outdoor kitchens, you'll need good task lighting over the grill and work areas. For the dining and conversation areas, candlelight, wall-mount downlights, or dimmable electric lamps create a relaxed mood. Steps and walkways should be illuminated for safety. You can also use solar-powered accent lights or low-voltage lights to add drama and interest to the landscape and to highlight paths. Combine a mix of lighting sources to make your backyard getaway a magical place after dark.


Small Space? Big Possibilities!

So you don't have a huge back yard – it doesn't mean you should deny yourself an outdoor oasis. Here are a few tips to keep it simple, yet dream worthy. 

  • Plants: Put low maintenance plants in containers 2-3 feet tall, so they can be moved easily. This can also help create instant privacy.​

  • Furniture: Use smaller scale furniture. Pieces with thin frames and smaller footprints make a small space feel roomier. Compact bistro sets are perfect for a garden corner or porch. Built in benches can multi task by maximizing seating and storage in small spaces.

  • Color palette: Keep the plantings and outdoor decor simple. Too many accents and different types of plants can make a small space seem disorganized.​

Reflect Yourself

When used as borders for outdoor living spaces, walls can quickly get boring. Wall containers planted with trailing vines and blooms or outdoor-suitable art, such as tin ceiling tiles or salvage outdoor signage letters found at flea markets, are good ways to dress up large stretches of siding or stone.

  • ​Lighting: Rather than spending a fortune on expensive lighting, light your deck with affordable candles, torches or solar lights. Tuck the solar lights into planters for some fun ambient lighting.

  • Soothing Sound: Don't have the space (or budget) for a backyard pond? Create the sound in your outdoor room with a table-top fount.a

Elliott's Tip: DIY Ambiance - Create a tabletop fire bowl by placing a 13-ounce can of clean burning gel alcohol fuel in a 10-inch diameter terra-cotta container. Surround the can's bottom and sides with recycled glass.

Build In Stages

All in all, if you just don't have the time or money to complete your perfect outdoor room this season, don't sweat it. Complete your outdoor room in stages, focusing on building the deck or patio in one season and outfitting the space in another. Elliott's is always here to help you find what you need to make the most of your space. Most of all, enjoy your oasis!

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