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Garden Tillers

Hard-Working Groundbreakers

Honda Lawn Mower

MAXIM Heavy-Duty Mid Tine Tiller

  • 26" Till Width
  • 10" Till Depth
  • 5.5 HP

Also called rototillers, these powerful machines have rotating blades that dig several inches into the ground, breaking apart and loosening hard soil. Tillers often are confused with cultivators, a less-powerful and more-delicate machine that mixes and blends already loosened soil. Use a tiller to do all the hard prep work for new gardens or lawns.

Similar in size to a lawn mower, tillers provide “primary tillage” as they dig, churn and turn the earth. After tilling, you may want to use a cultivator for a “secondary tillage” to more finely mix the soil, uproot young weeds and incorporate amendments.



Powerful tillers break up hard, compacted soils. Delicate cultivators mix already loosened soil.


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