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Preps & Weeds Garden Soils

Honda Lawn Mower

STIHL Yard Boss® MM 55

  • 200 RPM
  • 8.5" Cultivating Width
  • Bicycle Handles

Cultivators prepare garden patches for planting. These nimble use metal teeth to penetrate and aerate topsoils, mix in amendments or uproot young weeds. During growing season, use a cultivator to control weeds between rows.

More delicate than sturdy tillers, cultivators should be used on already-loosened soils. Tillers break up lawns and compacted soil in a process called primary tillage. Cultivators provide secondary tillage, further refininging and blending already loosened soils.

More delicate than sturdy tillers, use cultivators on already-loosened soils for secondary tillage. Rototillers provide primary tillage, breaking up lawns and churning compacted soil.



Delicate cultivators mix already loosened soil. Powerful tillers break up hard, compacted soils.


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